A release of the CARA database is on line containing a sample of data.
The numbers of measures and comet are displayed in the "Search Afrho Database" page.
Other data on recent and past comets are going to be entered.

Notice that available datas are provided "as is", by the observers or teams that made the measurements.


The data extracted from the database can be freely used for scientific, teaching and divulgative purposes providing that the CARA Project is acknowledged. We also ask possibly to cite the observers who made the observations, or at least the ones that provided the largest number of and/or the more useful data for your purpose.

If the data are published in scientific papers or in other form please send us a copy.

The Project is completely supported by the volunteer activity of his members.
A support for the server and for the inner organization come from the Unione Astrofili Italiani (Union of the Italian Amateur Astronomers).


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