Basic CARA project Policy

  1. The partecipation to the CARA project is free providing to agree to this policy.
  2. The project is devoted to observers specifically interested in systematic observations of comets.
  3. Observations must be produced according to our adopted method in order to grant a high degree of standardization and an internal consistence of the database.
  4. The data are property of the CARA project and of the observers who made them.
  5. The observers and collaborators have free access and can share the data.
  6. The use of the data for people non joining to the CARA consortium must be authorized after submission of a motivated request to our staff. The use for scientific, didactic, divulgative and other non profit plans is free.  It is only asked to acnowledge the CARA project and the names of the observers who produced the observations.
  7. Data concerning specific observing campaigns are reserved until the results are published.
  8. For what concerns other things not specifically reported in this policy any decision is submitted to the CARA staff.


All datas you will find in this site, are all copyrighted material and are subject to the following restrictions on their use.

Please note that the commercial policy is under review and we request that potential users contact CARA Group. Scientists and educators who are using these data for research, teaching purposes and other non-profit activities may freely use these data and we only request that you acknowledge the source in any publication and the name of the observers who contributed to the data.

Please include the following standard acknowledgment in any published material that makes use of the CARA data products: "This publication makes use of data products from the CARA Project (CARA: Cometary ARchive for Afrho) http://www.cara-project.org."

Commercial use of these data is prohibited without permission. Please contact CARA for further information regarding the different copyright holders. Investigators using data from this site are requested to include these acknowledgments in any publications as appropriate.





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