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Work in progress

Hello everybody

we are going to update all the contents in the new website.
Please, be patient ... all the Afrho data and the other stuff will be available as soon as possible.

Thank you

Documentation section updated

Hello everybody
we've just update the Documentation as well as the Software page including more files.

References page updated

We have updated the References page.

The new web site

As you have already notice the web site is changed.

Well ... is going to change.
A series of new utilities and features will be implemented in the next future.
In the meantime the Database has been freezed; if you need some Afrho datas about comet, feel free to Contact Us using the contact form.

UAI Comet Section and CARA Project Meeting

On May 7th and 8th the UAI (Unione Astrofili Italiani, formerly the Italian Amateour Astronomer Union) and the AAE (Associazione Astronomica Euganea) will host a two days meeting in Padova.

The meeting will cover on may 7th a summary of the annual activity of all the Research Sections within the UAI, included the Comet Section.

On May 8th the day will be dedicated to report the annual activity of the CARA Project as well as announcement of news within the project's organizations.

The first CARA Project Newsletter

Hello everybody
welcome in the new CARA Project's Newsletter service ...

This is just a first shot ;-)

The webmaster

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