CARA Project's and UAI Comet Section annual meeting

On September 9th and 10th the annual meeting of Project CARA and Comet Section of Italian Amateur Union will be held at Sala Civica "Pegoraro Fortunato" located in Due Carrare (PD) Italy, via Galileo Galilei, 1 - Mezzavia.

The meeting is an important event among comet's researcher, amateur astronomers as well as astronomers and professionals
This year a special guest will be present: Erik Bryssinck, from Belgium., a good friend and collegue of the CARA Project since the beginning.

Here is the programme:

Saturday september 9th

h 10.00 Wwlcome and start of the meeting
h 11.00 Start of the presentations
h 12.30 Break for lunch
h 16.00 Presentations
h 18.30 End

h 20.00  Dinner

h 9:30 Presentations and final discussion
h 12:30 Lunch


Erik Bryssinck, Marco Fulle (INAF-OAT Trieste), Mauro Facchini, Rolando Ligustri, Carlo Vinante, Adriano Valvasori, Giannantonio Milani


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