67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko - Preliminary report

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The CARA data recorded on 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko are summarized in the enclosed preliminary report in pdf format. 

The observations concern both the current apparition and all the recorded data by the CARA consortium in the three last apparitions of this comet. An average plot corrected for the solar phase angle is shown.


The observers that contributed with their observations are:


    AFAM1 Giovanni Sostero, Ernesto guido, Nick Howes Italy, UK BOR01 Walter Borghini Italy BRY01 Erik Bryssinck Belgium BRY03 Erik Bryssinck, Dr. Franz-Josef Hambsch Belgium BUZ01 Luca  Buzzi Italy CAR01 Daniele Carosati Italy CRNI1 Herman Mikuz Slovenia GAR01 Stephane Garro France GON01 Virgilio Gonano Italia HOR01 Kamil Hornok  Czech Republic KUG01   Fran├žois Kugel France LIG01 Rolando Ligustri Italy LIG02 Rolando Ligustri Italy LT01 Ernesto Guido, Nick Howes, Martino Nicolini, Mauro Facchini Italy, UK MIL01 Giannantonio Milani Italy MON01 Fabrizio Montanucci Italy MUL01 Gustavo Muler Spain NIC01 Martino Nicolini Italy NIC02 Joel Nicolas France RIN01 Francois Kugel France RIN02 Francois Kugel France SAN03 Santucci Italy SLHT1 Christina Feliciano-Rivera, Erik Bryssink Belgium SOS01 Giovanni Sostero Italy SOU01 Jean-Fran├žois Soulier France TIR01 Diego Tirelli Italy TRA01 Roberto Trabatti Italy                       We greatly thanks all the observers for their precious contribution in the 67P observing campaigns run since 2003.                       Erik Bryssink & Giannantonio Milani



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