103P/Hartley early results

The preliminary results from the 103P/Hartley campaign shows that this year the comet is displaying a different behavior than in 2010/11, with a much lower general dust production at perihelion.

Afrho refers to a 5000 km window at the comet and it is corrected to a zero phase angle.

R band observations werw made by: Andrea Aletti,Federico Bellini, Erik Bryssinck, Denis Buczynski, Mauro Facchini, Mario Feraco, Ernesto Guido, Nick James, Francois Kugel, Rolando Ligustri, Giannantonio Milani, Joel Nicolas, Ian Sharp,  Luciano Tinelli, Diego Tirelli, Adriano Valvasori. Contributions came also from the St. Mary's Insitute and other schools joining to the Faulkes Telescopes Project.  


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