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Manuale WinAfrho v032 201993085210

Published date: 
October, 2019

Manuale Winafro by Cavezzo Observatory v032 201993085210

Type : 
Software Packages


Software and Database upgrade in progress

Good news is going to come.

We have hardly worked, and are still working, on building the NEW Af[rho] measures's Database.
A new Winafrho software version will be soon available with included a function to upload automatically afrho datas to the database on the fly.
As well as updating Winafrho, we are going to adapt the website procedures to match the new database format.

Stay tuned for big news !!!

How to send file directly to Cara project

Published date: 
April, 2014

Roberto Trabatti

How to manual, explains the new configuration procedure in order to send  file directly to Cara project within the program Winafro

Database general information

The database contains Afrho quantity data organized in a format suitable for an immediate analysis. The columns contain:


A release of the CARA database is on line containing comet's data.
The numbers of measures and comet are upgraded continuosly due the CARA's users contributions.

Browse the comet list/database

Some summary chart


Determining reference stars by Erik Bryssink - Version 2

Published date: 
July, 2011

Erik Bryssink

on-line procedure to select reliable reference stars - Updated version

Documentation section updated

Hello everybody
we've just update the Documentation as well as the Software page including more files.

Using Wafrho1.exe Af[rho] measurament tool

Published date: 
January, 2005

Roberto Trabatti


This program allow you to measure as easy as possible Af[rho] (1) quantity.

Determining of reference star for Winafro

Published date: 
April, 2009

Erik Bryssinck

The choice of a good reference star is VERY important for producing good afrho-measurements.

Polimoni per le magnitudini R ed I

Published date: 
April, 2003

Giannantonio Milani

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