Afrho Database

The afrho databse is under maintenance.
It will be available as soon as possible.

Database general information

The database contains Afrho quantity data organized in a format suitable for an immediate analysis. The columns contain:

Afrho measures DB

We putted the Afrho measures DataBase off-line for maintenance reasons.
It will be on line as soon as possible.
We apologize for he inconvenience.


A release of the CARA database is on line containing a sample of data.
The numbers of measures and comet are displayed in the "Search Afrho Database" page.
Other data on recent and past comets are going to be entered.

Notice that available datas are provided "as is", by the observers or teams that made the measurements.


Afrho Databased available

The Afrho Database is now online.
It is browsable by authenticated users only.

We are going to implements the export filters; at the moment we can export as CSV file the data displayed by the query.
Feel free to contact me to notice me errors and/or implementation as well as help requests (just use the contact module and write to webmaster).

the admin

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